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Written by eight neurologists representing some of the leading experts on this disease from across the country, Small Nerves, Big Problems arms patients and caregivers with the latest information available today about small fiber neuropathy – what causes it, what the common signs and symptoms are, how it's diagnosed and ways to manage the disease and minimize pain. ||ISBN=9780998328201;FORMAT=Paperback;AUTHOR=Todd Levine, MD, David Saperstein, MD, Charles Argoff, MD, Christopher Gibbons, MD, MMSc, FAAN, Holly Hendin, MD, PhD, Mamatha Pasnoor, MD, David Walk, MD, and Glenn Lopate, MD;PUBLISHER=Hilton Publishing;||
A groundbreaking medical memoir by one of our nation’s leading pediatric surgeons—the visionary head of Children’s National. ||ISBN=9780525428831;FORMAT=Hardcover;AUTHOR=Kurt Newman M.D.;PUBLISHER=Viking||